QNX: A huge part of my life, your life, everyone's life

For almost 30 years, QNX Software Systems has been creating ultra-reliable software for the automotive, industrial, networking, medical, and defense markets. QNX software controls some of the most mission-critical systems in the world (e.g. nuclear plants and laser eye surgery machines) and it also controls systems that are literally out of this world — such as the laser camera system (LCS) on the Space Shuttle.

Chances are, you used QNX software today without even knowing it. It controls automotive handsfree kits, Internet routers, wind turbines, television stations, credit-card transaction services, and millions of other systems that keep the world humming. Whether you drive to work, flip a light switch, watch TV, or download your favorite tunes, you are taking advantage of systems powered by QNX software.

The fact is, QNX technology plays a huge role in everyday life. And this month marks 30 years since it first appeared on the computing scene. To celebrate, I'm about to launch a series of blog posts that trace the history of QNX and embedded market from 1980 to the present.

So stay tuned — it should be a fun ride. And ask some of your friends to come along. Because it all starts tomorrow.


spudson1 said...

I'm really looking forward to this series, Paul! This'll be fun!

Paul N. Leroux said...

Cool! I hope you enjoy it.

- Paul