Why do I work at QNX?
Reason #3: We enable cool

My previous post focused on pride. Not the selfish kind (see hubris), but rather, the pride in contributing to a company that helps create things that matter, be they systems that deliver electricity to your home, the Internet to your home, or, in the case of emergency, an ambulance to your home.

But enough with the serious stuff. Let’s focus on some seriously cool stuff instead. I also like being part of QNX because we help people create things…

like this (Audi A8 MMI system):

and this (Solar Impulse solar-powered plane):

and this (JamMan guitar pedals; jump to 1:25):

and this (Asimov Lunar rover):

and, of course, this (I never leave home without one):

For more examples of cool (and important) QNX-powered stuff, check out this overview on the QNX website.

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Why do I work at QNX?
Reason #2: We help make a difference

A few years ago, a colleague of mine was manning a tradeshow booth that showcased a QNX-based medical device. A gentleman stopped by the booth, looked at the device, turned to my colleague, and said, “If it weren’t for that machine, my son would be dead today.”

That story made me realize I’m part of something important. And indeed, QNX-based systems have been helping save lives since the 1980s. You’ll find QNX technology in angiography systems, blood diagnostic systems, robotic surgery systems, 9-1-1 dispatch systems, and many other applications dedicated to helping people live longer or healthier. You’ll also find QNX in systems where safety is an absolute must. Examples include nuclear plants, railway locomotives, wind turbines, space shuttles, and laser eye surgery machines.

Mind you, it’s not all life and death. QNX technology also powers things that quietly make your life easier and more convenient. These include HVAC systems that keep you cool, navigation systems that get you home, Internet routers (and tablets!) that keep you connected, and food inspection systems that ensure your jelly donut actually has jelly inside.

I don't know about you, but any OS that contributes to the worldwide betterment of donuts has got my vote, hands down.

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Why do I work at QNX?
Reason #1: Awesome team members

As a child, I was taught the seven virtues: charity, chastity, diligence, humility, kindness, patience, and temperance. Yeah, I know, they sound pretty old-fashioned. But you know what really bothers me? That the list omitted gratitude. What’s up with that?

Seriously, without gratitude, you can’t have the rest. If you’re not thankful for what you have, you’re not going to be kind, charitable, or patient. You’ll just be a pain.

Of course, in some situations, it’s hard to be thankful. But sometimes, it’s easy. And in the case of the people I’m privileged to work with, it’s super easy. They’re smart, they’re funny, they’re supportive, they lend a hand at a moment’s notice, and they bring gobs of passion to what they do. And I can’t count how many times they’ve made me look good.

My only challenge is defining who, exactly, is in my team. The more I think of it, the bigger the circle I have to draw. Because it doesn’t just include my immediate colleagues in marketing. It also includes all the people in engineering, product management, sales, legal, and other departments at QNX and RIM who, over the years, have me helped excel. And who make me feel good about walking in the front door.

So am I grateful? Damn right.

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7 reasons why I work at QNX

I must admit, I sometimes feel like the odd man out. Friends complain about their jobs, about their bosses, about how they can’t wait to retire. I almost start wondering why I don’t feel that way, too.

Is it because I have a better work attitude? Perhaps, but I’m not convinced. These same friends work hard and excel at what they do. Which makes me realize that I’m not superior, just luckier.

And why do I feel lucky about my work life? I thought you’d never ask.

Over the coming days and weeks, I’m going explore why I think QNX isn’t just a cool place to work, but a meaningful one.

And by the way, I'm not tied to the number. I might come up with 7 reasons, or I might come up with more. Stay tuned.


New service pack brings new features, higher performance to QNX Neutrino OS 6.5

If you use the QNX Neutrino OS 6.5 for your embedded projects, you owe it to yourself to check out the brand new service pack released by QNX Software Systems.

Service Pack 1 offers a number of enhancements, including:

  • Optimized memory management for higher performance (improvements are particularly noticeable with the newer ARM Cortex-A8 and A9 processors)
  • Updated networking stack (io-pkt) for better stability and higher performance
  • Updates to security protocols, including ALTQ support for packet filtering and IKEv2 for setting up security associations
  • Improvements to file systems for greater robustness and efficiency
  • Updates to the USB stack, including better stack performance and stability, as well as support for the new USB classes CDC-ECM, CDC-ACM, and CDC-NCM
  • 36-bit paddr support for the Freescale u-boot bootloader found in newer processors such as the P4080

To download Service Pack 1, or to learn more about it, visit the downloads section of the QNX website.