30 years of QNX: "You sure this will be big enough?"

In June 1987, QNX Software Systems stopped being a tenant and moved into its own bought-and-paid-for headquarters.

Here are the company’s co-founders, Dan Dodge and Gord Bell, cutting the ceremonial ribbon:

The building worked out fine — for a while. Problem was, the company kept growing. So Dan and Gord hired a contractor to extend the original one-story structure. Pretty soon, that wasn’t enough, so they built a two-story extension. That still wasn’t enough, so they built another two-story extension. Even that wasn’t enough, so they added a whole new building to the mix.

Eventually, the company had enough buildings and everyone was able to get back to work.

Here is the second two-story extension, aka Phase 3, under construction:

And here’s the new building, aka Phase 4 — did I mention it snows about 6 months a year in Ottawa?

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