QNX and Alcatel-Lucent nab finalist spot for OCRI partnership award

This just in: OCRI, Ottawa’s lead economic development agency, has announced that QNX Software Systems and Alcatel-Lucent are finalists for the 2010 OCRI Strategic Partnership Award.

QNX and Alcatel-Lucent were shortlisted for their collaboration on the LTE Connected Car, a new concept vehicle that illustrates how 4G LTE mobile broadband technology will bring a host of new capabilities to the automobile.

As mentioned in my previous posts on the LTE Connected Car, QNX Software Systems provided most of the software for the project, including the operating system, touchscreen user interfaces, media players for YouTube and Pandora, navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia playback, handsfree integration, games, an app store, and a virtual mechanic. All components are based on the QNX CAR application platform.

Winners will be announced Thursday, April 8. Stay tuned for an update.

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