Report from Convergence

This year, for the Convergence automotive conference, QNX did something it has never done before: mocked up an entire car interior to demonstrate how automakers can use QNX technology to create digital instrument clusters, rear-seat entertainment systems, handsfree communications units, and other infotainment products. At another level, QNX also wants to show how its technology enables connected automotive systems:
  • connected to the cloud (what people my age call the Internet)
  • connected to personal devices (e.g. iPods)
  • connected to roadside systems and other cars
  • connected to other systems within the car
I hope to get some video that demonstrates how QNX intends to achieve this, but in the meantime, here are a few stills from the Convergence tradeshow, which is going full throttle as I write.

In the first photo, QNX representatives are demonstrating a digital instrument cluster (which you can't see) while a rear-seat entertainment system (which you can see) plays in the foreground:

The next photo highlights QNX's success in the automotive market: 7.4 million cars, 50% of all factory-equipped handsfree systems, etc:

And, zooming back, here's a head-to-toe shot of the booth. Apparently, white is the new black in Detroit:

My thanks to Jennifer Evans, who found the time to take these photos despite her 24-hour job of making sure everything in the QNX booth runs smoothly.

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