More screenshots of the QNX digital instrument cluster

Last week, I promised to keep you posted on any updates to the QNX digital instrument cluster. The cluster team has been busy adding navigation displays, weather reports, and other gadgets, so here are two shots of the revised demo, one in day mode and the other in night mode.

Right now, the demo focuses on some of the cool possibilities that digital clusters bring to the car. In the real world, though, safety concerns will dictate exactly what information can be displayed when. For instance, the cluster might be able to display album art when the car is stopped, but not when the car is traveling 60 mph. But, you know, that's what I really like about digital clusters: They can be context sensitive and display information only when appropriate. Which means automakers can offer clusters that are less distracting and more useful.

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Also, in the real world, turn signals and a few other warning lights might have to be real bulbs or LEDs -- in some countries, that's the law. But even then, a digital cluster could, for example, provide a "backup" turn signal indicator in case a bulb failed.

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To create the cluster, QNX engineers are using Adobe Flash Lite 3 and OpenGL ES, both of which are supported by the QNX Aviage HMI Suite.

For a video of the cluster, click here.

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