The first annual On Q product awards

Guess what: Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the On Q blog. So, before I go any further, allow me to thank all of you — regular subscribers, insightful commentators, helpful colleagues, and occasional visitors — for the support you've shown. May the coming year's conversation be even more informative and entertaining than the first.

If there's anything I've learned over the past year, it's this: People use QNX to create some very cool applications — from snow blowers that drive themselves to proton-therapy systems that kill cancer cells. Which got me to thinking: What if QNX Software Systems held an annual awards competition that honored the coolest, most innovative uses of QNX technology?

Well, no such competition exists — yet. So, in the meantime, I’ve decided to hand out my own QNX awards. I’ve also decided that, in this competition, no one loses: everyone gets to win something. So if you don’t see your QNX-based system here, just leave a comment and nominate it. Better yet, tell us why you think it is the best in its category. And, remember, you’re perfectly free to make up your own categories. (I did!)

So, without further ado, let us proceed with the first annual On Q product awards:

Highest-flying QNX-based system
Laser camera system for Space Shuttle:

Deepest-diving QNX-based system
Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) by MBARI:

Best QNX-based system for finding your way to Las Vegas
Two-way tie: General Motors OnStar and Chrysler MyGiG:

Best QNX-based system for letting loose at Las Vegas
IGT casino gaming machines:

Coolest QNX-based toy you can buy with all the loot you won in Las Vegas
Logitech Harmony 1000 remote control:

Best QNX-based system for storing your entire rockabilly collection
Harman/Kardon DMC 1000 media server:

Best QNX-based system for accompanying Rudolf Valentino movies
Wurlitzer organ at Disney’s El Capitan theater:

Photo copyright Adrienne Krock

Sharpest-focusing QNX-based system
INTRALASE laser eye-surgery system:

Farthest-focusing QNX-based system
China’s Yunnan robotic telescope

Most widely-heard QNX-based system
NTP 625 audio routers for China Radio International:

Tastiest QNX-based system
Process control system for making Caramilk bars:

QNX-based system most likely to stop you from eating Caramilk bars
Biospace body composition analyzer:

Most precise QNX-based system
Precitech machine and metrology systems:

Most mission-critical QNX-based system
AECL monitoring & control systems for nuclear reactors:

Greenest QNX-based system
Tridium Vykon building automation system for Boeing:

Most awesomely scalable QNX-based system
Cisco CRS-1 Router:

This list captures but a tiny fraction of the cool QNX systems out there — make it a bigger fraction by telling us about your own QNX-based device.

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