Why do I work at QNX?
Reason #3: We enable cool

My previous post focused on pride. Not the selfish kind (see hubris), but rather, the pride in contributing to a company that helps create things that matter, be they systems that deliver electricity to your home, the Internet to your home, or, in the case of emergency, an ambulance to your home.

But enough with the serious stuff. Let’s focus on some seriously cool stuff instead. I also like being part of QNX because we help people create things…

like this (Audi A8 MMI system):

and this (Solar Impulse solar-powered plane):

and this (JamMan guitar pedals; jump to 1:25):

and this (Asimov Lunar rover):

and, of course, this (I never leave home without one):

For more examples of cool (and important) QNX-powered stuff, check out this overview on the QNX website.

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