Why do I work at QNX?
Reason #2: We help make a difference

A few years ago, a colleague of mine was manning a tradeshow booth that showcased a QNX-based medical device. A gentleman stopped by the booth, looked at the device, turned to my colleague, and said, “If it weren’t for that machine, my son would be dead today.”

That story made me realize I’m part of something important. And indeed, QNX-based systems have been helping save lives since the 1980s. You’ll find QNX technology in angiography systems, blood diagnostic systems, robotic surgery systems, 9-1-1 dispatch systems, and many other applications dedicated to helping people live longer or healthier. You’ll also find QNX in systems where safety is an absolute must. Examples include nuclear plants, railway locomotives, wind turbines, space shuttles, and laser eye surgery machines.

Mind you, it’s not all life and death. QNX technology also powers things that quietly make your life easier and more convenient. These include HVAC systems that keep you cool, navigation systems that get you home, Internet routers (and tablets!) that keep you connected, and food inspection systems that ensure your jelly donut actually has jelly inside.

I don't know about you, but any OS that contributes to the worldwide betterment of donuts has got my vote, hands down.

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