QNX, SIAT CAS to establish software center of excellence in China

The SIAT CAS campus
This just in: QNX has announced that it will collaborate with the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT CAS), to establish a center of excellence for embedded software. The goal is to enable software designs for mass transit systems, power networks, telecom systems, and other infrastructure projects that have rigorous demands for reliability and safety.

SIAT CAS is a research and educational organization responsible for evaluating technologies used in infrastructure projects. It has already evaluated QNX technology for various projects and, under the expanded collaboration, will employ additional QNX products for research and education.

“Safety and security in critical infrastructures are key requirements in China. QNX software technology is known for its reliability and is a preferred choice for mission- and safety-critical systems,” said Professor T. John Koo, the founding director of the Center for Embedded Software Systems at SIAT CAS and a QNX user since 1996.

For its part, QNX Software Systems will train SIAT CAS researchers and engineers on QNX technology on an ongoing basis. Both organizations will assign project managers to work together on joint project activities.

SIAT CAS has a mandate to enhance the indigenous innovation capabilities of the manufacturing and services industries in the area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and greater China. For more information on the organization, visit the SIAT CAS website. And for more information this announcement, read the QNX press release.

On a related note, QNX is currently holding its second annual China Technology Innovation Conference in Beijing and Shanghai. You can read about the conference here.

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