On Q hits milestone: 100,000+ visits

So, I was looking at my Sitemeter account earlier today (you know, the thingie that measures traffic to this blog), and here's what I saw:

My first thought upon seeing this stat? Cool! My second thought? I need to thank everyone who made it possible.

As a QNXer, I'm fortunate to have lots of cool technology to talk about. I'm even more fortunate to have readers who are willing to listen, comment, and, yes, disagree with me. Because the real fun starts when the convo warms up.

All of which to say, thank you — for visiting, for subscribing, for reading, for watching, for commenting, for responding, and, above all, for making this an enjoyable ride. And while I'm at it, a big bear hug for all the colleagues who have supported this blog with their expertise and encouragement. You guys are the best.

And now, a request...
Tell you what, let's make this occasion a little more interactive. Do you have a favorite On Q post? If so, leave a comment — I'd love to hear about it.

Meanwhile, here are 5 of the all-time most popular posts on this blog:

In case you're wondering, 100,000 isn't my daily visit count — it's the total count. The actual number is higher, as I started to measure traffic about six months after my first post. For those of you who prefer page views as a metric, the total is 173,000+.


N Vulpe said...

So how many runtimes per blog visit?

Paul N. Leroux said...

Um, I'd have to upgrade my Sitemeter account to find out. :-)