A PlayBook wallpaper for the winter weary

I love cold, bright January days when the sun shines on new-fallen snow, creating a blaze of winter light. I'm not so happy, however, when the sun decides to hole up for days on end, and all I see is dreary gray skies that fade to black by 5:00 pm. Blech!

So, for anyone who hates those dull gray days as much as me, here's a little wallpaper to perk you up, and to remind you that Spring will indeed come again. I shot this years ago with a 35mm SLR. You know, one of those cameras you see on eBay that use — wait for it — film.

To download the wallpaper to your PlayBook:
  1. Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulleroux
  2. Tap the wallpaper.
  3. A larger image will appear. Tap Actions, then tap View all sizes.
  4. An even larger image will appear! Tap Download the Large size of this photo.
  5. Your PlayBook will ask you to enter a file name. Type something meaningful, such as daisies.jpg, and tap Save.
  6. From the PlayBook home screen, tap Pictures, then tap Downloads.
  7. Tap the wallpaper you want, swipe from the top of the screen and tap Set as Wallpaper. You're done!

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