Sorry for shouting, but I wanted you to hear me above the racket. Mind you, if I were using a handsfree system based on QNX's acoustic processing suite, I wouldn't have to shout for you to hear me.

Confused yet? Just check out this video, which pits sonic mayhem against QNX technology, and all will be revealed:

In case you're wondering, the suite doesn't prevent you from hearing sirens and other important sounds. Rather, it helps ensure that the person on the other end of the call hears you clearly, and vice versa. This clarity can help lighten your cognitive load, so, if anything, you are more, not less, aware of what's happening around you. How cool is that?


Ben said...

If I were a betting man, I'd say that your web pate hit statistics show that there are many visitors similar to myself. I quietly come back to your page on a frequent basis to enjoy all the fantastic work you and the rest of the QNX team have, and are working on. Simply great work guys!

Paul N. Leroux said...

Hi Ben. I was confused until I realized "pate" should be read as "page"! :-)

In any case, thanks for the support!

- Paul

Ben said...

Ah yes... I just re-read it and see what a lack of sleep can do. Quite embarrassing. :/

Anonymous said...

Fantastic vid. It's so easy to understand why the QNX Acoustic Processing solution is superior: you just hear it!

It's harder to understand why the QNX Microkernel is superior: You don't hear anything, you don't see anything, and when you met your project schedule and budget on time you tend to think it was you. ;-)

Paul N. Leroux said...

Anonymous: I think you just gave the QNX marketing team a new benefit to shill: self-esteem!

Ben: You'd feel more embarrassed if you committed some of the typos that I've foisted upon the world. :-)