New BlackBerry PlayBook Wallpaper — QNX Concept Car

I can't believe I haven't uploaded this one already. It's a shot of the QNX concept car, taken outside QNX headquarters.

At first, I thought the image might be too busy to serve as wallpaper, but I've grown to like it — I hope you do, too.

BTW, the car wasn't moving at the time, so I used some PhotoShop magic to evoke a feeling of movement.

To download the wallpaper to your PlayBook:
  1. Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulleroux
  2. Tap the wallpaper.
  3. A larger image will appear. Tap Actions, then tap View all sizes.
  4. An even larger image will appear! Tap Download the Large size of this photo.
  5. Your PlayBook will ask you to enter a file name. Type something meaningful, such as qnx_concept_car_wallpaper.jpg, and tap Save.
  6. From the PlayBook home screen, tap Pictures, then tap Downloads.
  7. Tap the wallpaper you want, swipe from the top of the screen and tap Set as Wallpaper. You're done!

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