LTE Connected Car: Two new videos from CNET and TelecomTV

What happens when you connect a car to the Cloud using a 4G mobile network? That, in a nutshell, is what the LTE Connected Car tries to answer. QNX and Alcatel-Lucent created this concept car to demonstrate how Cloud-based services will make driving a more pleasant, more convenient, and possibly even safer experience.

Naturally, equipping a car with a 4G/LTE broadband connection will have huge infotainment value: Imagine accessing your favorite music, videos, social media sites, or applications wherever you go. But this connection will also let your car upload information it has gathered about surrounding road and traffic conditions, providing, in the words of WIRED's Van Buskirk, "a crowdsourced version of what traffic helicopters do today."

To learn more about the car, check out my previous posts or view the following videos, recently posted on YouTube. The first, from CNET, provides a guided tour of the car:

The second video, from TelecomTV, features interviews with Alcatel-Lucent's Derek Kuhn and QNX Software Systems' Sebastien Marineau-Mes:

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