Time to pay up, Bill

Yesterday, I was regaling my colleagues with an urban legend about Hershey's kisses. It goes something like this: Decades ago, factory workers wrapped the kisses by hand. To speed up the process, some workers would lick the bottom of each kiss before placing it on the wrapping paper — this practice ensured that the kiss stayed in place while being wrapped.

People laughed (uncomfortably) and my colleague Bill Keeler spoke up: "Okay, Paul, if you can write a blog entry connecting that story to QNX, I'll ship you a bag of Hershey's kisses, gratis."

Bill, it was all too easy: I simply googled "QNX Hershey". The first page of search results pointed to the LinkedIn page of someone who designed a QNX-based control system for — you guessed it — Hershey's Chocolate.

To rub salt (or should I say glucose) in the wound, QNX also served the OS for a recipe management system used by Cadbury Chocolate in Toronto.

Bill, is that connection good enough for you? If so, you still have an hour or two to mail me the kisses before Christmas. :-)


Alban Rampon said...

Hello Paul,
Have you received your package yet?! Or the link was too tenous?
Regards, Alban

Paul N. Leroux said...

Hi Alban! Bill said he'd pay up. When I receive the package, I'll post a picture -- my Hershey's trophy.

- Paul

Malte said...

Those don't seem to be available in Germany, can you send me some? :)

Paul N. Leroux said...

I could send you some, Malte. But first, could you name a German chocolate manufacturer that uses QNX? (Provided you are allowed to mention them, of course. :-)


- Paul

Malte said...

I didn't find one, but that's because the German chocolate manufacturers buy their machines, don't build them on our own. And I am sure they buy from our customers... :)