LTE Connected Car: The word cloud

Just for fun, I decided to create a word cloud of the LTE Connected Car press release.

In this word cloud, size indicates frequency: the larger the word, the more often it appears in the press release. Click the image to get the bigger picture:

Note the lack of self-congratulatory references: Alcatel-Lucent, QNX, and other ng Connect members figure very small in this word cloud, whereas the key concepts — car, LTE, connectivity — loom large. I like that. It shows that the companies issuing the press release were willing to focus on the topic at hand, rather than on themselves. Too many press releases do the exact opposite.

To create this word cloud, I used Wordle. It's a fun tool that lets you create a word cloud out of any web page or piece of text. It also lets you control a number of parameters, including fonts, colors, and layout. In this case, I filtered out many of the lesser-used words in the release to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and to make the cloud more visually attractive.

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