Rx for ACVA (Acute Computer Virus Anxiety)

Earlier this week, my computer got hit by a virus — and a nasty one at that.

Being the calm, collected person that I am, I immediately went ballistic. Which resulted in a Class A headache. Which degraded into neck spasms. Which made me crabby. Which made everyone around me crabby. Which made me even crabbier.

But here's the thing: Nothing could lift me out of my funk. And believe me, I tried everything: diazepam, muscle relaxants, jogging, jumping jacks, Jack Daniels, aromatherapy, massage therapy, music therapy, cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, Oprah, peyote, naturopaths, green tea, Ovaltine, Prozac, Muzak, Mongolian throat singing, transcendental meditation, mystical levitation — the whole nine yards. Nothing worked.

Finally, my IS department intervened. They handed me a tool that had proved efficacious in similar situations and encouraged me to engage in some, ahem, therapeutic behavior:

In case you're wondering, I feel much better now, thank you.

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