Cloud computing: It's a guy thing

I stumbled across the Cloud Computing Journal website and what did I see but the following ads, right next to each other:

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Now, either the "Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick Modeling Agency" has got a near-monopoly on the IT advertising market, or the folks who come up with these promos need to mix things up a bit. I mean, do all IT guys come from the same gene pool? Do they all beam the same smile? Do they all have beards? For that matter, are they all guys?


Sameer, presently of bangalore. said...

I ask here what I asked in your Google section. What is the Cloud actually?. Is it one more name for free storage on the Internet, like Megashare, Rapidshare or Gmail ?.

Why does the computer industry go for one pretentious name after another. Spring Framework, Ruby on Rails, Intel Dunnington, AMD whatever, Linux 61.2.x Pinnochio, Java Enterprise Edition 20.8, USB 3.0 Superspeed. And the software and hardware commodities attached to these names, are they actually of any use. The slogan should be Discard and Simplify.

- Why USB when there is Ethernet.

- Why SRAM + DDR3DRAM + Flash
when there is Nantero NRAM.

- Why Solar Power + Wind Power +
Coal when there is Atomic

- Why the Moon when there is Mars.

- Why more the keyboard and mouse
when there is Multitouch.

- Why Linux, Java and MS Win when
there is QNX, Solaris 10 and my
own upcoming very Socialist OS.

- Why Hydrogen cars when most
private transport can be banned
and the rest can use Petrol and
Diesel for the next 5,000 years.

I never had a Cell Phone although most in India have one. And the result is that in Five Star Hotels in Bangalore ( and maybe elsewhere in India ), they serve Tea not made, but as Tea Bags. Meaning, don't sit about talking, just very pretentious add milk and sugar to the tea bags, gulp and go, to the religious place, to the next meeting with the CTO of the coolie company to whom some americans have outsourced, or go to the next job interview, or to wherever Indians go to.

Comrades, stop. Look around. Forget Second Life. Live the real life. In real Nature. Go to Mars for adventure, not to India.

Sameer, presently of bangalore. said...

And how is the Cloud a Guy Thing?. Video games, Second Life, Mind Uploading, Facebook, Cloud etc belongs with the Ladies.

For Guys, its Tea, Talk, Socialism.

- Viva Revolucion.

Malte said...

Sometimes I think in similar lines. For me basically it is: When do they finally fix the basics instead of inventing a lot of new, semi-useless stuff?

In the OS world, the basics for me are: Kernel that is next to impossible to crash (QNX has that), OS boots very quickly not 30 seconds+ (QNX can boot in 1-2 secs) and great tools to analyze and debug (QNX has some, but intuitive usage could be improved). That's why I work at QNX. :-)

Paul N. Leroux said...

Sameer and Malte, I agree with both you, to one degree or another. Why Cloud instead of Internet? Because it's new and shiny. Because it creates an opportunity to write opinion articles and create ad campaigns. Because it makes you sound like you are part of the "in" crowd.

Sameer, your comment "For Guys, its Tea, Talk, Socialism" doesn't really apply in North America. Karl Marx never enjoyed the popularity here that he does in other parts of the world. In Ottawa, it's "beer, hockey, and, well, more beer and hockey". :-)

Sameer, actually stuck in Bangalore said...

I know of two great exports of Canada - QNX and the actress Estella Warren. Her film Driven was anyway good, and the inclusion of Ms. Warren was, as we say in Urdu, 'Chaar chaand lagaa diye' or 'Brightened it up with four moons'. She is a bit tall for me actually - I am 5'7". She seemed nice in Driven, but unfortunately later she thinned down I think.

Malte, how is your name pronounced?. Where is it from?.

Another useless re-invention by the way. BeOS back in form of Haiku. I never used BeOS but quite liked the yellow title bar on app-windows.

Paul, I think Canadians will like the pre-2003 Iraqi Socialism - yes, the same throwing of religious fanatics into gulags, but there was government acceptance of the Devil's Drink. And Private Business, including of the sensual variety. The pleasure would have been entirely yours heh heh. Old Mr. Marx would have enjoyed in Iraq or Libya, or especially in Mauritania.

Sameer, still stuck in Bangalore said...

A little clarification. My height given previously appears 57 inches. Actually its 5' 7".

Paul N. Leroux said...

Sameer, I don't see many movies, but I remember Estella Warren from Chanel No. 5 advertisements. (Don't ask.)

As for pre-2003 Iraqi socialism, Canada has human rights tribunals. Not quite as violent, but just as arbitrary. But that's another conversation. Overall, Canada is a wonderful place to live.