A blog(ger) is born

All I can say, it's about time. I've worked with Andy Gryc for a couple of years now, and I was hoping he'd get off his (admittedly busy) keester and start blogging. Because, frankly, he has interesting things to say. Some of them are even important.

So I am (delighted? happy? pumped? I'm still working on the exact emotion) that Andy has finally launched a blog, entitled True Gryc. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to it.

But don't go just yet. There's another blogger you ought to follow: Andrew Poliak. Honestly, if I knew 10% of what Andrew knows about the in-car telematics and infotainment market, I'd hang up a shingle and promote myself as a big-buck industry analyst.

So take the extra minute and subscribe to Andrew's blog as well -- I'll think you'll enjoy his recent post on how a toilet tanked his patent idea for a twittering car.

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AndrewPoliak said...

Thanks for the plug Paul. Remember if I would have ran the idea of the social networked car past you to begin with you could have told me about the twittering bridge. I wish I had the brain for all things that you have.