Six QNX videos more people ought to see

Looking for examples of how people use QNX? You've come to the right place. From outer space to the automotive space, these six videos demonstrate the sheer flexibility and dynamic range of QNX technology. Better yet, you get to hear five users describe, in their own words, why QNX is important to what they do.

QNX in space
First up is Iain Christie of Neptec, the company responsible for creating the SVS and LCS camera systems on the NASA space shuttle. Highlight: when Ian explains the importance of QNX to the shuttle program (1:46). For more on the QNX-based LCS system, see my previous post.

QNX in the clinic
Next up is Vladimir Derenchuk of the Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center, which uses proton beams to blast difficult-to-treat tumors. Highlight: it's all good, but listen to Vladimir explain why they chose QNX, and how it has helped with FDA approvals (1:34).

QNX in the HVAC
Next up is Hans Symanczik of Kieback & Peter, a German firm that has used QNX in building automation systems for more than 20 years. Highlight: when Hans explains the ultimate benefit of the QNX OS (2:07).

QNX on the air
Next up is Mikael Vest of NTP, a Danish company that supplies QNX-based audio routers to the global television and radio broadcasting industry. Highlight: Mikael himself, who gladly did this interview despite suffering from a flu to end all flus. A real trooper.

QNX on the road
Next up is Rick Kreifeldt of Harman International, a company known in the automotive industry for its ability to push the technology envelope. Highlight: the section where Rick's respect for the QNX team shines through (2:14).

QNX in flight
And last but not least is Thomas Allen from Mechtronix, a company that has developed an innovative, software-based approach to building flight simulators. Highlight: when Allen states that Mechtronix simulators effectively use the same software architecture as the QNX OS (0:45). Years, ago, someone explained to me how the QNX OS isn't simply a well-designed, modular OS; it also encourages well-designed, modular systems. In Mechtronix, we have an example.

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