QNX provides OS for new IEC 61508 certified robotics middleware

This just in: Systems Engineering Consultants (SEC), a leading realtime technology company in Japan, has developed new robotics middleware that runs on the QNX Neutrino RTOS Safe Kernel. Like the Safe Kernel, SEC’s middleware is certified to the IEC 61508 standard at Safety Integrity Level 3, or SIL3. (If you’re new to IEC 61508, this certification provides independent validation that a product offers a very high level of reliability when used in safety-critical systems.)

SEC designed the middleware, dubbed RTMSafety, to help manufacturers create safety-related systems for robots, including factory automation robots and personal-care robots used in medical and elderly care settings. RTMSafety allows robotics elements, such as actuators and sensors, to be treated as modular, reusable components.

According to Shintaro Sakurai, an executive director in the engineering division of SEC, “SEC has been working with industry groups and robotics societies to promote component standardization, which we believe will eliminate cost issues that have prevented commercialization of robotics. After much R&D effort, we are getting ready to move into the business phase to offer our customers an IEC 61508 certified middleware platform to run on the QNX Neutrino RTOS Safe Kernel.”

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