Name that car! QNX leaks photos (sort of) of new reference vehicle

Next week, QNX will take the wraps off a new "reference vehicle" outfitted with the QNX CAR 2 application platform. It seems, though, that some of my QNX colleagues are off to a head start. A few days ago, they began to leak cryptic images of the new vehicle and threw out a challenge: Can anyone guess the brand name and model?

To add honey to the pot, they're now offering $25 Starbucks gift certificates to the first 25 people who guess correctly. Which adds up to, um, several free lattes.

Are you game? If so, follow the @QNX_Auto on Twitter and tweet your guess.

Oh, almost forgot: I guess it would help if you saw some of the pictures published so far:

Legal sidebar: Only current residents of the US and Canada are eligible. Also, assume the usual disclaimers that QNX employees and their relatives aren't eligible. And you know what that means... no free lattes for yours truly. :-(


xyz said...

Chrysler 200 - not sure which exact version/model?

Paul N. Leroux said...

Hi Xyz! Remember that your votes are counted only if you tweet to @QNX_Auto or leave a comment on the QNX auto blog: qnxauto.blogspot.com

Thanks, Paul

xyz said...

I'll update that to a 2011 or 2012 model. (tweet coming up!)

Maruti ertiga said...

Yes it is Chrysler .The engine is proof of that.

Newest Car said...

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