Why I'm still driving with snow tires

A few weeks ago, Ottawa had a spell of gorgeous, hot, break-out-your-shorts weather. But did I replace my snow tires with all-season radials? No. Did I put away my winter boots? No. Did I take out my lawn mower and get it ready for the summer? No. Did I change the oil in my snow blower? Oh yeah.

Some people might think I'm nuts to behave this way. But don't you love it when events prove that you are right and everyone else is wrong? That's what happened to me this morning. To be specific, here's what greeted me when I stepped out of the house:

And here's what I saw out my bedroom window. It's more picturesque than what I saw in my driveway, though admittedly, snow-covered trees lose some of their charm come April 23:



Rita McCall said...

You’ve broken the pattern by changing oil, at the very least. ;) Honestly, I also tend to fall into procrastination when changing tires due to the change of seasons. I’ve never gotten into any accident, thankfully. But I’m in the process of renewing my habits. (Ho-ho!) I think it takes much effort to fix the damage of a tire blowout, after all.

Ultra Wheels said...

Good choice. I would stick to tires meant for the weather on the area too than risk accident due to change in weather.

Lauren jonczak said...

I love when something like that happens. Looks like you were the only one prepared that day. Is it worth getting snow tires? I have never changed my tires over in the winter and last year I slid on snow into the back of an 18 wheeler. I was told it was because of my tires. I just bought Nokian snow tires so I can be prepared this winter, I just hope they work as well as they say. Don't want a repeat of last year!

Clarissa Brooks said...

As soon as one warm day arises people make the switch. I am with you and don't put away the snow boots, tires and shovels until late in the season. I have witness to many times where it snows in February in my area, which is not very thought of.