Bone researchers gear up with Lego Mindstorms

I'll admit it: I own a Meccano set. And despite my rapidly advancing years, I have no intention to give it up. Pretty sad, right?

Mind you, I've always thought it would be cool to build something useful with it — which is probably my way of rationalizing why I keep the damn thing.

That said, I've just stumbled on a video that shows how a building toy can, in fact, help create something useful — something that may ultimately aid humanity. The toy in this case isn't Meccano, but its 21st century equivalent: Lego MindStorms. Check it out:

Maybe I'll hold on to my Meccano set just a little bit longer. Or maybe I should get with the program, pick up Lego Mindstorms, and start, well, programming. :-)

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