First pix of the QNX medical reference design

UPDATE: For a video of the medical reference design, including proof-of-concept integration with a BlackBerry PlayBook, click here.

Last week, I introduced you to the new medical reference design that QNX unveiled at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Conference. Well, here are the first photos to come back from that event.

Device connectivity is a key feature of the reference design. So, in this photo, we see two of the devices — a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure cuff — that the design can talk to:

Keeping with the same theme, here's a photo showing proof-of-concept connectivity to a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet:

If you wondering what's under the hood of the reference design, the operating system is the QNX Neutrino RTOS, the user interface is based on the Qt framework, and the processor is a Freescale imx51 chip based on an ARM Cortex-A8.

I hope to post more photos (and possibly a video) in the days and weeks ahead...


Matt said...

Seems that QNX is under the hood of some great looking UI's these days - especially on the Playbook.
A little off topic, but how do you think the news of Nokia choosing to partner with Microsoft and Windows Phone will impact QT?
Could we potentially see QNX taking the reins of QT and driving the next generation of open source UI frameworks?
Thanks for the blog!

Paul N. Leroux said...

Hi Matt. I just came across a blog post on the Qt site that discusses Qt's future. Check it out:


- Paul

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