Digitech's JamMan guitar pedals rock with QNX

Whenever I tell people that QNX rocks, they just assume that I've donned my marketing hat. But hey, I really mean it: rock musicians the world over use QNX-based guitar pedals to practice their licks and create cool special effects.

Case in point: the DigiTech JamMan Solo Looper. Using this pedal, a guitarist can quickly build up layers of sound, transforming himself (or herself) into a one-man (or one-woman) band.

Jump to the 1:25 mark to hear what this puppy can do:

Digitech also makes other QNX-based JamMan products, including the JamMan Stereo and JamMan Delay pedals. Check out the press release on the QNX website and check out the full line of JamMan pedals on the Digitech website.


Ryan said...

Paul, this is absolutely amazing. QNX is truly in everything!

Maybe I shouldn't be speaking for all the RIM people, but I am very proud to have the provledge of working with you guys, and I'm pretty sure that goes for everyone here.


Paul N. Leroux said...

Thanks Ryan! Speaking as a long-time QNX employee, I have to say I'm just as excited to be working with folks at RIM... everyone I've worked with so far has been extremely professional, respectful, and supportive.

Malte Mundt said...

Yes this is really impressive... and I like the music, too! :) Thanks for sharing Paul!