QNX rules at CES

QNX technology showcased in systems from Audi, BMW, iControl, Freescale, ng Connect, Nvidia, RIM, Telenav, Texas Instruments, Toyota, and Visteon

March up to the South Hall of the 2011 CES conference, and this is what you see:

Photo: Andy Gryc

Yup, that's right, it's a ginormous banner of the QNX-powered BlackBerry Playbook. The banner sets the tone for a conference where it's hard to stop bumping into QNX-based systems. They're just about everywhere, including:

RIM and QNX booths (south hall, 30320): BlackBerry Playbook, BMW Z4 infotainment system, and Visteon instrument clusters for Jaguar XJ and Range Rover — all powered by QNX technology

Audi booth (north hall, 2832): Audi A8 with QNX-based 3G MMI infotainment system, featuring Google Earth

Toyota booth (south hall, MP25555): New QNX-based Toyota Entune multimedia system

Alcatel-Lucent booth (south hall, 35469): LTE Connected Car with four QNX-based infotainment systems

iControl Networks (Aria Hotel and Casino): iControl broadband home management system with QNX-powered touch screen

TeleNav (Renaissance Hotel, Five Spot room): TeleNav 3D navigation system integrated with the QNX CAR Application Platform

Freescale (Palazzo #100-106): QNX demo on new Freescale i.MX53 SABRE automotive reference design

Nvidia booth (31431): QNX demo on Nvidia system

Texas Instruments (Hilton and booth 36505) — QNX demos on BeagleBoard-xM and OMAP 3730 systems

Mind you, this isn't a complete list. I'm still tracking down other booths that might feature QNX technology. If you know of any, let me know, and I'll add them to the list.

For details on some of these demos, check out the CES overview page and the CES press release on the QNX website.


Malte Mundt said...

Fantastic!!! I hope all the QNX-based systems are labeled "Powered by QNX"? We don't want people to assume it's Windows or Linux inside, right?

Rennie Allen said...

Malte... I don't imagine that it is RIM's purpose in life to market the name "QNX"... They make phones, so there is no value returned to them by spending marketing dollars on QNX (beyond convincing their consumer base that QNX == Good, and they only need to do that until the playbook is on the street and then it should hopefully be obvious that the BBOS is good, at which point it won't matter whether it is QNX or not).

So I expect QNX (as a separate OS) to continue on the same marketing trajectory it has always been on.

Paul N. Leroux said...

Malte, I don't if they all have qnx-powered labels, but they are all very supportive of QNX. Audi even has a QNX rep in their booth!

Malte Mundt said...

@Paul: That's great. Customers standing behind us is the best marketing there can be!

@Rennie: QNX will surely be better known because it's in the Playbook. Ok, there is no QNX Logo - while other vendors put "Android" logos on their devices. But still, it's widely known what OS is in the Playbook and it will serve as a great reference.