First pix of Toyota Entune Multimedia System

From what I can tell, the goal of the new Toyota Entune multimedia system is pretty straightforward: allow drivers to interact with mobile content and applications in a non-distracting, handsfree fashion. For instance, if you're searching for a nearby restaurant, you simply talk to the system in a conversational fashion — no need to memorize specific commands.

To get Entune up and running, you download an app onto your smartphone; this app then allows Entune to access a variety of offboard services, including Bing (navigation), OpenTable (restaurant reservations), MovieTickets.com, Pandora, and iheartradio.

Enough blather. I promised pictures, so let's check them out. First up is the main menu, which lets you choose from the various services that Entune supports:

Next up is voice search powered by the Voice Box speech recognition engine:

Here's a screen capture of Pandora Internet radio:

And here's one of iheartradio:

The Toyota Entune system is based on the QNX CAR Application Platform; for information on the platform, click here.

For more images of Toyota Entune, click here.


David said...

how disappointing to see (but not unexpected) to see Toyota latch onto those propriety software suppliers. I used to buy toyota but now I'll look for a car manufacturer who supports an open platform like meego

Paul N. Leroux said...

When you find one, let me know! :-)