New personal project: Creating wallpapers for my BlackBerry Playbook

Call me crazy, but I'm already creating personal wallpapers for the BlackBerry® PlayBook®, even though I can't actually buy one yet. (The tablet will debut in US stores in early 2011.)  I'm sure the PlayBook will ship with gorgeous wallpapers out of the box, if the wallpapers on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 are anything to go by. But hey, I'm a photographer and I can't help but customize my desktops and mobile devices with my own creations.

For instance, here is a photo of the BlackBerry Playbook:

And here is a photo I took of a Monarch in my front yard:

Now, imagine them together:

Of course, I'd have to determine whether this image would blend nicely with the widgets on the screen. But in any case, I'm pumped!

According to RIM, the tablet will arrive in US stores in early 2011, with rollouts in other markets beginning in calendar Q2. Until then, the tablet's 1024 x 600 aspect ratio will be my photographic mantra.


Malte said...

Looks wonderful!

Paul N. Leroux said...

Thanks Malte!

BTW, the big blobs of yellow are out-of-focus flowers. The big blogs of red, meanwhile, are from my car. The picture was a bit boring until I positioned my lens so that the car filled in the background. Sometimes, the most beautiful nature shots aren't totally natural. :-)

Malte said...

The red areas are from your car? Never would have thought that... seems you just unveiled a photographer's secret ;)

Paul N. Leroux said...

No problem, Malte, I have lots more secrets left to share... :-)