Is QNX about to unveil a new connected car?

I can't say much yet, but it looks like QNX Software Systems will be demonstrating a new connected car at the upcoming SAE Convergence auto show.

For almost a year, a Toyota Prius has served as the demonstration vehicle (pun intended) for the QNX CAR Application Platform. It was a great choice for showcasing the connected capabilities of QNX CAR, and still is.

But here's the thing: New capabilities are being added to the QNX CAR Application Platform all the time. And using the exact same car to demonstrate these new capabilities just doesn't work, marketing wise. In any case, it's important to show that QNX CAR can bring cloud and mobile connectivity to all kinds of vehicles.

The question is, what kind of vehicle would best serve the goals of demonstrating next-generation automotive connectivity? Whatever it is, it has to be cool and quickly recognizable. It also has to simplify the task of demonstrating connectivity features to a crowd of onlookers. That narrows the choices considerably.

Stay tuned, as I will be able to reveal all in a couple of days. In the meantime, check out the survey at the top of this page and vote for the kind of vehicle *you* would choose.

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