QNX posts source code for smart energy demo

This just in: QNX has published the source code to its Flash-based smart energy demo.

The download provides source code for the demo's Flash application and device drivers. It also includes a workshop presentation that walks you through the process of building, editing, and running the demo software.

To download the source code and workshop presentation, click here. Note that you'll have to set up a "MyQNX" account, if you haven't already.

If you aren't familiar with QNX's smart energy reference, it provides out-of-the-box support for Zigbee sensors, Insteon home area networks (HANs), streaming IP video cameras for security monitoring, an application for calculating costs of energy consumption, and Internet connectivity for retrieving weather information and performing remote control and diagnostics. Other features include zone temperature controls, individual and zone light controls, and appliance monitoring and control.

The reference also employs persistent publish/subscribe technology from QNX Software Systems, which provides an abstraction layer between the HMI (user interface) and the system’s control software. As a result, it becomes much easier to add, change, or upgrade sensors, thermostats, alarms, and control mechanisms, without having to change the HMI.

Speaking of the HMI, here's a screen capture of the main screen for the smart energy reference. But why stop at a still picture, when you can see a moving picture instead? Click here to see videos of the reference on three platforms: Atmel, Freescale, and TI.

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