QNX, Flash, and the Knight Rider dash

If you're a web developer or designer, there's a good chance you read Adobe Edge, an e-zine published by — you guessed it — Adobe.

This month, Adobe Edge takes the road less travelled with an article on how QNX Software Systems is employing Adobe Flash. No, it isn't a case study on how QNX has used Flash to spiffy up its website, but rather, an exploration of how QNX is using Flash to change the face of in-car computing.

To quote the author, Eric Oldrin, "At first, I was just interested in ways to make my dash look like Knight Rider but as I quickly discovered, when QNX CAR and Flash connect your car to the cloud the possibilities are limitless."

The articles includes quotes from Andy Gryc and Paul Streatch of QNX Software Systems. To read it, click here.

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Spencer said...

How about HTML5 and WebGL in addition to flash in future?