LTE Connected Car: Remote home management, plus some celebrity buzz

In my previous post, I mentioned that, for the first time, the LTE Connected Car will demonstrate streaming delivery of video games over a 4G LTE network. As it turns out, that isn't the only new feature being introduced this week at the CES Show. Here are two more:

Remote home management — The car will demonstrate how occupants can manage home systems, such as lights and thermostats, from any of the car’s four in-vehicle touchscreens. Occupants can even view a live video feed from home security cameras. This new feature is the result of a joint effort between QNX Software Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, and Intamac, a specialist in home management and security systems.

Celebrity map — Using Celebuzz from BUZZMEDIA, the car will display local celebrity events, photos, news, and gossip, instantly populating a map based on GPS-determined locations. Just the thing for folks who want to catch celebrity events in real time. (Not a feature I would ever use, but given that I watch about two movies a year, I probably lie outside the target demographic...)

For more information on the LTE Connected Car, visit here and here.