Haiti Earthquake Relief

Okay folks, it's time to crack open your wallets. And I don't want to hear any bitching about how the money you give never gets to the people who really need it. Because, believe it or not, there are responsible relief organizations that will spend your money where it's needed most. So do the right thing. The folks in Haiti are relying on you.

And don't forget, a lot of companies and government agencies will match your donation. Which means you end up giving a lot more than what comes out of your wallet.

Check to see if the management at your company have set up a donation-matching program. If they haven't, gently suggest that they do -- and tell them that it's good PR. If they do have a program, broadcast the fact to everyone you know. Because maybe other companies will follow your company's example and do likewise.

Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
I don't know if ARM management is reading your blog, but only a couple of days ago an email went through to everyone in the company to announce ARM would match donations to Haiti relief...
Thanks for suggesting to them ;)