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Qfan said...

I heard that IBV's QWin® extends the QNX real-time operating system with Windows XP. Could you please explain a little bit more about what Qwin is for? Thanks.

Paul N. Leroux said...

qfan, my apologies for not responding sooner -- I was on vacation for several days.

I'm not familiar with QWin, though the problem it's trying to solve is easy to summarize: How do you take advantage of the Windows GUI while ensuring that your system responds quickly and predictably to time-critical events? QWin offers a solution by allowing QNX Neutrino and Windows to run on the same processor core. QNX Neutrino handles realtime events, while Windows handles operations that don't have hard realtime deadlines. This approach makes QWin useful in a variety of industrial control applications.

You might want to check out the whitepaper at http://www.ibv-augsburg.net/media/pdf/QWIN%20-%20White%20Paper%20(Englisch).pdf