QNX at Embedded World: three distinct systems, one OS platform

A whole new way to
take QNX out for a spin.
Quick: what do washing machines, bulldozers, and pipeline inspection tools have in common? Simple: they all demonstrate the remarkable flexibility of the QNX OS.

Next week, at Embedded World, QNX will showcase three systems built by three different customers, for three different markets. Each system addresses different technical challenges and targets different end-users. And yet, in each case, the development team behind the system chose the same OS — a testament to the “bend it, shape it, any way you want it” quality of QNX technology.

Of course, not everyone can attend Embedded World. So for anyone who can’t go (or for anyone who plans to go and would like a taste of what they’ll see), here’s a sneak peek of the three systems. Mind you, this isn’t everything we will demonstrate next week — but that’s the subject of another post. :-)

Washing machine touchscreen from Dalian Eastern Display
Imagine a web-connected washing machine that can play your favorite music and videos, provide tips on removing stains, and let you choose laundry settings with the tap of a touchscreen. The system from Dalian Eastern Display lets you do all this and more, and it’s one of many solutions that Dalian is creating for IoT smart appliances.

For instance, this screen lets you quickly choose your fabrics, including cotton, wool, or polyester. It also provides a mixed setting — handy for people who aren’t sure of the difference. Me, for instance.

Once you’ve chosen the right fabric, you can fine-tune the parameters of your wash cycle, including time, temperature, speed, and water level:

Meanwhile, this menu lets you configure everything from your network connection to the system’s sound settings:

Murphy PowerView 780 display for heavy machinery
If you build equipment that has an engine and demands a rugged display, chances are its owners and operators will benefit from a Murphy PowerView 780. Designed for use with electronic or mechanical engines in everything from boats to bulldozers, the PowerView 780 integrates engine, transmission, and diagnostic information into an easy-to-read user interface. The PowerView 780 is built for extreme outdoor environments and features a 7-inch bonded LCD that is readable in direct sunlight. Better yet, it’s easily configurable to application needs. Using Murphy’s PowerVision Configuration Studio™, developers can customize the user interface with their own graphics or display parameters, track maintenance schedules, log operation data and faults, and add OEM branding.

Murphy, the company behind the PowerView 780, is a global supplier of controls and instrumentation for almost any application that involves engines or engine-driven equipment. The company is celebrating 75 years of serving the oil and gas production, engine OEM, construction, irrigation, agriculture, power generation, and work and pleasure boating markets.

LineExporer pipeline inspection system from NDT Global
When it comes to oil and gas pipelines, safety is job one. But to ensure safety, you need to keep pipelines properly maintained — and to maintain them, you need accurate and reliable inline inspection tools. That's where NDT Global comes in. NDT is a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and pipeline integrity management services worldwide, with operations in Germany, Russia, the US, Canada, Mexico, U.A.E., Malaysia and Singapore. At Embedded World, QNX Software Systems will showcase an NDT LineExplorer inline inspection tool for 10" pipelines that can detect and measure corrosion and cracks, depending on the sensor carrier.

For more information on QNX at Embedded World, visit the QNX website.

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