Canon unveils 8D, first DSLR with 4G connectivity

April Fools' is over, folks — and yes, this post is a hoax. Some of the features, such as 4G connectivity, are indeed plausible, but can you detect the one truly anachronistic feature?

This just in: Canon Inc. has unveiled the new Canon 8D, a 42-megapixel APS-C digital SLR equipped with a 4G LTE antenna.

Outwardly, the new camera is almost identical to the existing 7D, which has been Canon's flagship APS-C DSLR since 2009. In fact, the only visible differences are a slightly larger LCD, a control button dedicated to the camera's 4G function, and an auto-telescoping built-in flash that uses a combination of high-intensity magnesium filaments and oxygen gas to achieve a guide number of 148 (in meters).

Most of the real changes have occurred inside. Aside from the new integrated LTE antenna, the megapixel count has jumped from 18 to 42, without any attendant increase in chroma or luminance noise, thanks a new generation backlit CMOS sensor. (Yes, you'll have to invest in expensive glass to take full advantage of the higher resolution.) And in a surprise move, Canon has decided to part with its well-regarded DIGIC processor technology — the new camera uses tandem processors, each based on a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 chip.

For details, vist the Canon website.

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