Why does all the cool stuff happen while I'm away?

Now appearing in both 
Fortune and Daily Planet
Do you ever get the feeling that the party starts the minute you leave the room? Well, it just happened to me. I was on vacation only a few days last week, but while I was away, Fortune magazine and Daily Planet both did pieces on QNX. What's up with that?

But seriously, this is cool. The Fortune article covers several bases: the history of QNX in mission-critical embedded systems, the leadership that QNX enjoys in automotive, and the new QNX concept car that made its debut at 2013 CES. Meanwhile, the Daily Planet video puts you in the front seat of the concept car for a tour of its many features — from voice control and video conferencing to the virtual mechanic. (Is it just me, or do the coolest features all start with the letter 'v'?)

Read the Fortune article here (you'll need a subscription to access it). And view the Daily Planet video here.

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