BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 aces HTML5 test

PlayBook OS 2.0 supports a lot of cool features, including a unified inbox, social media integration, and thousands of new apps. Not to be outdone, the team responsible for the PlayBook's browser have also upped the ante. In fact, the browser for OS 2.0 has become the top scoring tablet browser on html5test.com.

The PlayBook browser achieves a score of 354. The closest competitor, Firefox Mobile 10, comes in at 315.

To learn more about the HTML5 test and how scores are calculated, click here.


Stay Private said...

ICS 4.0, with Chrome beta gives me 343.

Steven LeMay said...

The Playbook web browser is awesome. It provides the best user experience browsing the web of any mobile device. I use it daily, and the touch controls and features for the browser itself are thoughtfully done and intuitive. Kodos for such a great job, HTML 5 support is just another feather in the cap.