I'm downloading BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, join me! And if you haven't seen the announcement yet, check out the press release. It contains lots of useful links and info, including a link to how-to videos.

New features include an integrated email client with a unified inbox, a built-in calendar that harnesses information from social networks, an updated BlackBerry Bridge app, and lotsa new apps and content.

Sorry, gotta go: Download is almost finished. :-)


Steven said...

I am now a big fan of BB Playbook. Finally, work and home email can co-mingle easily on one slick device. I'm pretty picky about what I like since I'm a mini-IT department at home!!! Kudos, wish Playbook had launced with this software set last year. Looking forward to the QNX based BB Phones this fall.

I don't give endorsements easily. I have to manage iPhone 4S, iPad 2, Mac Pro, PS3, 2 x86 laptops, 2 x86 PCs, 2 Samsung SmartHub devices (BD, LED TV), 2 Sony BD-Live players, 3 PSPs, 1 Ninetendo DSx, 2 DLNA Raid5 NAS units, wired 1Gbps + 3x 802.11n WAPs, VOIP, and [cough] Nokia phone to compare and co-mingle the Playbook with.

BTW, 2.0 software update went smooth, thanks for the free games... and I especially like the PC-like file sharing capabilities. This probably gets overlooked - but so much simpler to move books, music and movies around in the environment I described above.

Paul N. Leroux said...

I've got to try more of the file sharing functionality! One thing I have done is use the new folders capability (just drag one icon over another to create a folder) to organize my various apps and favorite websites. Everything I use regularly is now at my thumb tips. Cool, that.

- Paul