Two naughty! My favorite QNX marketing campaign

Let me guess: You probably assume that the corporate culture at QNX is a bit geeky. And if so, I don't blame you. We are an OS company, after all. But you know, we can also be a little cheeky.

Case in point: A few years back, we introduced some innovative tools and OS features to help developers migrate from single-core to multi-core processors. And to promote these technologies, we decided to have some fun.

Here's the billboard we came up with:

And here's the billboard mounted on a truck, prowling the streets of San Jose during the Embedded Systems Conference:

In case you're wondering, here's what the other side of the truck looked like:

If you don't get the tightly coupled reference, it's a pun on the tightly coupled multiprocessing provided by multi-core processors. Because even when we're cheeky, we're still a little geeky.



StuStuStu said...

Very good!

Not as risque as those QSOL ads that used to court controversy in Linux Journal back in the day:


kentuckyloan said...

I will be glad when this comes to the phones. I have a playbook .

Rennie Allen said...

I remember walking past the truck, into ESC in San Jose with my QNX shirt on, and getting a little red-faced as people would look at my shirt and then the billboard, and back to my shirt :-)

Ben said...

Love it!!! RIM can benefit from some creative marketing like this too. Very refreshing! :-)

Paul N. Leroux said...

StuStuStu, I remember that ad! In fact, I'm pretty sure someone pasted on my boss's door a couple of years back... actually, he may have been the one who put it there. :-)

BTW, sorry to all for taking so long to post your comments... I forgot that I had turned comment moderation on...

camz said...

Love it!