Hyundai vehicles to run TCS navigation service on QNX Neutrino OS

This just in: TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) has announced it will ship an off-board navigational service that runs on the QNX Neutrino OS. The service will support Hyundai Blue Link, an all-new telematics platform for upcoming Hyundai vehicles.

According to the press release, the TCS solution can make driving less stressful by providing turn-by-turn navigation and alternate routes based on the latest traffic conditions. It can also provide location-based destination searching, allowing the driver to, say, find the lowest nearby gas price.

With full sensor and GPS radio integration and navigation features such as hybrid routing, the system can continue to operate in certain situations when cellular coverage isn’t available.

Stated Linda Campbell of QNX Software Systems, “the TCS solution highlights how navigation technology can improve driver function and safety… drivers receiving voice-prompted directions are able to keep their eyes on the road while being guided to their destination.”

For more details, read the TCS press release.

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