What do people think of QNX?

As a PR manager for QNX, I’m naturally interested in what people think of the company and its products. I especially like it when people are honest with me, regardless of whether their feelings are positive or negative. And I like it even better when they offer constructive feedback.

It reminds of a story I read long ago. I’ve forgotten the details, but an American politician visiting China complimented his hosts on something they had shown him. To which one of the hosts replied, “Don’t tell us how good it is; tell us how we can make it better.” The host didn’t want a pat on the back; he wanted useful input.

Most days, that’s the kind of feedback I like. But sometimes, it’s just nice to hear someone say how much they appreciate your company’s products and services. Especially on the occasion of your company’s 30th anniversary.

A few weeks ago, we reached out to customers, partners, and industry colleagues. We asked them to provide their reflections on QNX’s 30 years in business. What we got in return was incredibly supportive and complimentary. Here’s a small sample of what they said:

“We used QNX technology to build one of the world’s largest financial transaction processing networks in the late 80s and leveraged the QNX Neutrino RTOS to build the world's largest router in the 90s — and worked with QNX again to build the world’s most advanced network security infrastructure product….”
— Anson Chen, Bada Networks

“… I would like to thank everyone at QNX for going above and beyond the typical support and your willingness do to whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.”
— Rajko Bjelica, Chrysler Group LLC

“Cisco has been working with QNX Software Systems since the late 1990s, and from the beginning we have been impressed by their technical innovation and their dedication to customer service…"
— Pradeep Kathail, Cisco Systems

“QNX Software Systems is a transformative technology company… We in the technology industry have been fortunate to be associated with such a combination of technology, skills, people, and leadership…”
— Skip McGaughey, Open Health Tools.org

“…While delivering an ongoing stream of technology and services to all major markets, QNX has also provided strategic guidance and thought leadership throughout its history…”
— Scott J. McCormick, Connected Vehicle Trade Association

“[QNX’s] early focus on smart, robust, and distributed software has paid off as they’ve become the ‘goto guys’ for embedded systems that can’t fail...”
— Alec Saunders, Iotum Inc

For all the responses we received, click here.

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