"QNX, meet Mark Hamill..."

On its own, winning an Adobe MAX award is pretty cool. But here is what makes it even cooler: Members of the QNX team got to rub shoulders — literally — with Mark Hamill. And I have a photo to prove it:

In case you're wondering how Mark got into the picture, it's simple: He was the master of ceremonies for the Adobe MAX awards dinner.

Okay, before I go, two bits of trivia:


Anonymous said...

So if this that Mark Hamill I know, and it look slike, I would say:


Paul N. Leroux said...

MTFBWY as well, hp. :-)

Bill said...

Mark Hamill is also the voice of the joker in Batman:Arkham Asylum video game. He does an awesome job in both.

Paul N. Leroux said...

Hey Bill. When I first watched the TV series, I had no idea that Hamill provided the Joker's voice -- he's a way more flexible actor than the Star Wars movies suggest.

BTW, have you checked out your Blogger profile lately?

- Paul