QNX chosen to power GE’s flagship Mark VIe control platform

It controls gas turbines, steam turbines, hydro plants, and nuclear plants, including the largest power and water facility on the planet. It runs in hundreds of installations worldwide — from Cairo to Quebec to Los Angeles — delivering electric power to homes, hospitals, factories, and businesses. It’s called the GE Mark VIe, and GE Energy promotes it as the company's "most advanced control platform."

The heart of the GE Mark VIe is a single-board controller based on the QNX Neutrino RTOS and the Freescale PowerQUICC 8349 processor. Designed for high-uptime operation, the Mark VIe supports:
  • a variety of redundancy options, including dual or triple controllers, dual or triple power sources, and dual or triple networks

  • precision diagnostics to minimize mean-time-to-repair

  • on-line repair to maximize the mean-time-between-forced-outages

Moreover, each QNX-based controller can communicate with up to three network switches. This allows each controller to monitor multiple redundant inputs and use a voting system to determine which input values are correct.

The Mark VIe can handle rugged environments, with a rated temperature range of 0 to 65°C (32 to 149 °F). It doesn’t require cooling fans, even at maximum temperature.

According to GE, the Mark VIe addresses a wide range of applications, from small governors to plant DCS applications. These include heavy-duty gas-turbine retrofits, aeroderivative engine-control retrofits, steam-turbine retrofits, and hydro control.

I can’t begin to do justice to the Mark VIe’s many features. So to learn more about it, click here. To download the data sheet, click here. And to learn about some of the applications that use the Mark VIe, check out these links:

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