QNX supports video on TI OMAP 3530 Beagle board

A couple of weeks ago, QNX announced that its operating system and multimedia middleware now run on the OMAP35x EVM and on the 3530 BeagleBoard from Texas Instruments.

Well, I'm not sure who, but one of my QNX colleagues has dropped the other shoe and posted a video to demonstrate QNX's video support for the BeagleBoard:

If you posted the video and you're reading this, feel free to share what exactly is going on beneath the multimedia covers. :-) [POSTSCRIPT: See the comment that my colleague Kroy has posted.]

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george said...

I fess up. I posted it (Kroy). A customer wanted to see the state of our Video codec support, so this was the quick and dirty way to get it out. We actually have very comprehensive support for this platform and are having a lot of success with customer updake and evaluations. we're going to do a complete video of the infotainment and industrial building control reference designs we're building out on this platform. More to come...