The real winners of the Telematics Update awards

QNX didn't take home any prizes from this year's Telematics Awards, except for a "runner up" in the telematics leadership category. And guess what: That's exactly how it should be.

Let me explain. All of the products that QNX offers — operating systems, tools, middleware, engineering services — are designed with one goal in mind, to make customers successful. The more customers succeed, the more QNX succeeds. So, by nature, QNX isn't in the business of creating glitzy, award-winning software. Rather, it's in the business of creating software that helps customers create successful, award-winning products.

And sure enough, more than 50% of this year's Telematics Award winners either work with QNX as a technology partner or use QNX software as the foundation for their automotive products. Onstar, for example. So, while QNX isn't winning, I think it's doing something more important: succeeding.


Vehicle Tracking Solutions said...

The "runner up" selection is still quite an accomplishment considering that Andrew Poliak was selected among other top executives from companies such as BMW, Tele Atlas, and TomTom.

Paul N. Leroux said...

Agreed. BTW, Andrew has a blog well worth investigating. He doesn't blog often, but he's always interesting and often controversial. http://automotive-infotainment.blogspot.com/

- Paul