Cold fusion: Is it for real this time?

I just came across an EE Times article that states U.S. Navy researchers have experimentally confirmed cold fusion. If true, this is awfully, well, cool!

Chances are, this is the real thing. Back in 1989, two researchers reported that they had achieved cold fusion, but no one could replicate their results. The newspapers had a field day with that one. So I'm assuming that the U.S Navy made sure their results were solid before going public.


Anonymous said...

I thought about improved search – “find a photo I took in 2007 in Stockholm”, or even “find all photos of a person in a green jacket”. I agree with you, QNX seems to be the right choice.
People are buying these devices because they are simple to use. The user interface should at least remain as simple as it is now.

Paul N. Leroux said...

Good point, Anonymous. Cool features are good, but not if feature creep makes the UI too onerous to learn. The folks marketing these devices will have to make tough choices as to which are the killer features and which are the nice-to-haves. It's something that Apple does extremely well, but not everyone is Apple.