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If you haven't yet subscribed to the "QNX Source" newsletter, I suggest you give it a try. The newsletter comes out only once a month (so it won't plug up your inbox) and provides the skinny on new source-code releases, software patches, BSPs, webinars, etc. -- stuff that, as a QNX user, you might actually find useful.

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What I like about the newsletter is that it focuses mostly on the facts, without a lot of marketing blather. For instance, the first few lines of the December issue look like this:

New BSPs for the QNX Development Platform 6.4.0:
> Freescale i.MX31 PDK

> Freescale Lite5200B and Media5200
> Freescale MPC8548 CDS
> Freescale MPC8360E MDS
> Fujitsu Jade EVB
> Texas Instruments DM644x EVM
> Texas Instruments DM355 EVM
> Texas Instruments OMAP 5912 OSK

Like I said, more facts than hype. So it's pretty easy to pick out what's useful.

Disclosure: I've worked on the last few issues of the newsletter. So if you have any feedback, let me know, and I'll pass them on to the newsletter team.

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